History of the MGOCSM (Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement)

In the early parts of the 20th century, students and senior leaders of the Church felt an urge to further their spiritual life and create a lively fellowship for all the Christian students in the various colleges and high schools.

In 1907, the Syrian Student Conference was formed. On January 1, 1907, the Syrian Student Conference had its first conference at Balikamadom School, Tiruvalla, Kerala. For years after that, the Syrian Student Conference continued to offer the conference annual as a regular feature for years after that. In 1960, the Syrian Student Conference changed its name to Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement and adopted the motto “Worship-Study-Service.”

Since then, the movement continued to grow to become the oldest Christian Student Organization in India and has expanded to many different nations around the world. MGOCSM maintains interdisciplinary contacts in the academic field for a long time by the formation of its various wings. They are the College student’s wing, High school student’s wing, University teachers Association, Medical Auxiliary Technical Auxiliary, Missionary forum, Literary forum, Publication wing, etc.